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Stock Photos

" We've helped hundreds of customers create their own fake rocks and boulders over the past 15 years"

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The Realistic Look and
Feel of These Fake
Rocks and Boulders
is Amazing!

Stock photos of boulders are abundant and can be found online and in any corner of a library that has books on historical landmarks to mountain regions of the world.

 Stock photos give us so much to draw from and to make stock photos an intricate part of any art gallery is essential. 

Boulders and stones, whether natural or human enhanced, are true spectacles of beauty.

Stock Photos of Boulders

Boulders have been used to create excellent art forms and they have a lifespan of centuries to be share with others that come to visit them years later. For instance the great ruins in Greece, the U.S. Presidents carved at Mount Rushmore, the Confederate Soldiers carved on the face of Stone Mountain, in Georgia and the rock formations that surround Fall Creek Falls, in Tennessee. Boulders are truly a magnificent form of nature’s beauty.

Stock photos give us the ability to envision and try to re-create those monstrous shapes and backdrops in so many of our paintings and landscape designs. Stock photos are there for a purpose of inspiration and mental pictures that allow us to see nature in all its splendor.

Before you decide on exactly what type of boulders you choose to create, take time to view stock photos and let those images influence you on what it is you want to incorporate into your backyard landscaping design. This will give you a focus of what you want to see as your end results. Using stock photos as a guide will serve you well.

Stock Photos Inspire Us to Create Boulders

We really enjoy seeing what our customers have constructed and we ask, if you will, to send us some finished photos of your fake rocks and boulders too. We like to share them with our website visitors so that they can be inspired to learn how to make fake rocks too.

Our Boulder Making Process

Our original inspiration to make fake rocks was when our family would travel on vacation and spend time at the miniature golf courses and we’d see those fake rocks and boulders and caves that we wanted to create in our own backyard. The problem was, when we tried a few of the suggestions we found online, you either needed special tools or the process was too expensive or complicated. After much trial and error we finally found the simple method that creates a perfect outcome every time and our method is by far the easiest most inexpensive process that looks and feels like real rocks and boulders.

View some of these stock photos and see if they give you some ideas on what you would like to see in your landscaping ideas.

boulder planter

backyard boulder

boulder cave

boulder waterfall pond

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Make Your Own Realistic
 Boulders CHEAP !
  • 12 page printable plans
  • diagram for a backyard cave
  • step-by-step instructions
  • in-process-photos
  • materials list
  • learn the process and apply to your ideas for making useful boulders, props, caves, waterfalls



Stock Photos
Man Cave
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Stock Photos