" We've helped hundreds of customers create their own fake rocks and boulders over the past 15 years"

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The Ultimate Man Cave


If there were any doubt that our process can produce amazing realistic rocks and boulders, this student has put that issue to rest. His ability to make use of our unique boulder plans and produce a finished cave, such as this, is the best testament to our goal of assisting others, on how to make fake boulders and structures just like the theme parks.



Create Your Own Man Cave

The gentleman to your left was a customer of ours that took his boulder plans to the pinnacle of success, while at the same time doing his cave construction as a school course credit. Needless to say, he made the grade, with his 'man-size' man cave. He even included cave art on his cave walls to further authenticate his creation.

The possibilities of how you can create your own masterpiece boulders, rocks, and yes, even man caves, are without a doubt very doable and easy to follow using the plans we provide. While we do not have the exact plans that he created here, the process is what you need to grasp and make use of in your own personal projects.

Whether you are wanting props for a play, rocks or small boulders for a cover project like electrical boxes in your yard, water irrigation pipe covers, or a kids backyard playhouse, our process is without a doubt the most affordable and do it yourself simple.



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 Man Cave