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" We've helped hundreds of customers create their own fake rocks and boulders over the past 15 years"

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Creating Boulders is a
Great Way to Maximize
Your Landscaping Projects


=========================================================== is dedicated to the glory and beauty of boulders and how to add them to our own landscapes to further enhance our lives. Boulders are a fixture in nature that cannot be more magnificent with their mighty size and ability to hold our visual attention. Boulders are the foundation of many mountains and they can be as interesting as any architectural structures made by man. Their shapes and positions can lead to caverns and crevices that are as personal as any hidden room in a castle. Make Fake Rocks and Boulders Quick and Easy. Boulders are natures interior design tools for a more beautiful world.

Do It Yourself Make Fake Rocks and Boulders Easy & CHEAP

Boulders can be used in many ways and have been for centuries. Boulders have been rolled into alignment to create fortresses and barriers to prevent entrance by unwanted foe and animals. Their huge size and weight are great if you have the ability to move them, but that is usually not the case. We either have to build around them or pay a high price to have them moved to a location or position that we desire.

DIY Boulders for a Backyard Playhouse 

Finally there is a way to have boulders in places we never dreamed possible. We can now create our own huge boulders and place them exactly where we want or need them to be. The fact that boulders can be made and placed in our landscaping designed backyards is amazing and it allows us as landscapers to do so at such an affordable cost. The usual issue of lifting and moving these natural boulders is no longer a feat to deal with. Making boulders that look so realistic yet so light weight has opened a whole new way of designing and developing more intense landscaping designs.

Boulders Boulders Learn How to Do It Yourself & Save

Boulders come in several stone varieties, such as limestone, granite, fieldstone, and other rock composites. These different types of boulders are often native to a given area and when we choose to use them in our landscaping designs, we usually want the same type of boulders that can be found in that region in order to make our landscape design as natural looking as possible.

With the ability to now create our own boulders, for our personal benefits, incorporated into our own properties, the visions of just how and where to add them is all that is left to imagine.

Make Your Own Realistic Boulders CHEAP !

You Get:
  • 12 page printable plans
  • diagram for a backyard cave
  • step-by-step instructions
  • in-process-photos
  • materials list
  • learn the process and apply to your ideas for making useful boulders, props, caves, waterfalls

Stock Photos
Man Cave
Make Your Own Boulders


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Man Cave

The Man Cave above was created with our Easy DIY Boulder Plans by a Customer as a School Project



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